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About Us

We Rise Above

Blitzkrieg Co. is a real estate marketing company that specializes in managing and marketing commercial and residential properties for real estate developers. Our team has over two decades of experience in the industry and is dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable marketing strategies that maximize property value. We believe in a customer-centric approach, advanced technology assisted systems & process for efficiency and great ideation as the keys to success in the real estate market.


  • Authorized marketing for ready commercial, under construction projects, and residential real estate projects.
  • Helping developers with land assistance, financial assistance, and execution partners.
  • A market leader combining the strength and reputation of an established company, with the coordination of a small firm.


  • Sole mandates for marketing of under-construction/ready commercial and residential real estate projects
  • Execution partners providing assistance with land and finance.
  • We strive to be market leaders combining our company's strength with the agility of a small firm.

What Sets Us Apart

Blitzkrieg Co manages both sales and marketing activities in-house, offering a comprehensive and streamlined approach to property transactions. Unlike traditional agencies that may exclusively concentrate on either marketing or sales, we, as sole selling mandate-partners, integrate these two essential components into a unified strategy. This approach guarantees seamless coordination between marketing efforts and the actual sales process, resulting in more efficient property transactions and improved outcomes for our clients. We provide a one-stop solution for developers, enhancing their prospects of achieving success and profitability.

Our Story

Transforming Real Estate Experiences

At Blitzkrieg Co., our journey is rooted in the passion for marketing and the commitment to redefine the real estate landscape. Founded with a vision by Pankaj Narang, a marketing virtuoso with a proven track record, our story begins with the idea of driving sales of real estate developments. Little did we know that this initial spark would lead us to revolutionize the real estate brokerage and sales industry.

The inception of Blitzkrieg Co. coincided with a challenging time – a global pandemic and its ensuing lockdown. It was during this period that we decided to not only bring in the footfalls but also delve into the intricacies of real estate sales. The pivotal moment came when a developer approached us for assistance, igniting the transition from consultancy to a full-fledged company.

Our mission was clear – to shoulder the dual responsibilities of marketing and sales, offering a comprehensive 360-degree solution for developers. We exclusively commit to entire projects, understanding that success hinges on a brand’s strength and its storytelling. This enables developers to focus solely on construction, licensing, and legalities, as we immerse ourselves fully in the project’s triumph.

Unlike larger corporations where top management often remains distant, at Blitzkrieg, we personally invest our time and dedication in each project. We are unafraid to say ‘no’ when necessary because we firmly believe in the efficacy of our sales process. 

For us, the process isn’t just important; it’s the linchpin of our success. Our commitment extends beyond developers; it’s about ensuring that our customers partner with the right brands. Recognizing that investing in real estate is a significant commitment of hard-earned money, we leave no room for compromise. Customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s a personal promise we uphold.

We adhere to rigorous guidelines, documenting every step before undertaking a project. Our responsibility encompasses the entire building inventory, granting customers the freedom of choice. From the initial stages to taking possession of the apartment, we are there, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish.

At Blitzkrieg Co., our story is one of dedication, accountability, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

We Are

  • For Developers: Exclusive sales & marketing mandate partner for real estate projects. 
  • For Clients: Reliable partners in their journey to find the perfect property, be it land, residential apartments & villas, commercial spaces.
  • For Channel Partners: Trusted collaborators bringing to the forefront transparent negotiations and great real estate opportunities for their clients.

Company Stats

  • 45+ Team Members 
  • Offices located in Mumbai, Goa & Gurgaon
  • Real Estate Projects Inventory in Mumbai & Goa
  • 11,000+ Site Visits Conducted
  • 15000 plus Network of Channel Partners across India
  • 950+ CR worth inventory sold in the last 20 Months.

Pankaj Narang

Meet Pankaj Narang - CEO of Blitzkrieg Co, an accomplish leader in the Real Estate Advisory Industry, known for his strategic prowess in guiding client towards success and exceptional results.


He is a seasoned Sales & Marketing professional with over 16 years of experience in real estate and technology sector and has delivered over 2000 Cr plus business for Indian real estate developers. He specialises in high-octane product launches, developing of sustenance models for businesses, high-valued business partner meets, international & domestic expos & events (Including Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore & India).


Pankaj has played a pivotal role in assisting Real Estate Developers in embracing disruptive technologies to advance their businesses. With a background in engineering and digital marketing, he brings a unique skill set to the table. 


Beyond his professional pursuits, Pankaj is an avid reader, traveller, and eternal student of customer buying behaviour.

Priyanka Narang

Meet Priyanka Narang, Co-founder and Director of Human Resources at Blitzkrieg Co. She is driven by a passion for real estate and has developed a sharp marketing acumen over her expansive experience in the domain. Her unwavering commitment plays a vital role in the company's success, enabling clients to realise their real estate objectives.


In her capacity as Co-Founder, Priyanka shapes the vision of the company, placing a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional services and outstanding results, drawing upon her profound knowledge of the real estate industry.


As the Director of Human Resources, Priyanka cultivates a dynamic work environment, firmly believing that a motivated team is indispensable for success. She employs innovative practices to attract top talent and empowers them to excel in their roles.

  • Authorized marketing for ready commercial , under construction projects, and residential real estate projects.
  • Helping developers with land assistance, financial assistance, and execution partners.
  • A market leader with reputed company’s strength and combination of a small firm’s coordination.

What We Do:

  • Sole mandates for marketing of under-construction/ready commercial and residential real estate projects
    ● Assistance to developers with land assistance, financial assistance, and execution partners
    ● Strive to be a market leader with a combination of a reputed company's strength and a small firm's agility
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